Who is Alexis Bledel?

Birth name Kimberly Alexis Bledel  
Date of birth September 16, 1981, Houston, Texas, USA 
Houston, Texas native Alexis Bledel, her television debut in "Gilmore Girls" (2000), after spending years in front of the camera as a model. Bledel's parents encouraged her to try community theater in Houston when she was 8 years in the hope that their daughter overcome her shyness. She continued to play in the production of our city, The Wizard of Oz and Aladdin, and later he was looking at the local mall to model. She began her modeling career while still in high school, traveling to all places such as Tokyo, Milan, New York and Los Angeles. After graduating, she enrolled at NYU as a film major. In the spring of 2000, Bledel landed manager through her modeling agency and headed to Los Angeles for her first pilot season, where he quickly landed the prestigious role of Rory in "Gilmore Girls" (2000). When not working, Bledel is writing, reading, shooting photography, going to the movies and spend time with family.
Her sparkling blue eyes.
Trivia:The former model
He graduated from Page Parkes Center of modeling and acting.
Languages: English, Spanish 

 Eric David Bledel (born 1986)Nanette nationalities parents, Martin and Mexican, Argentine (her father's family were Danish immigrants to Argentina, ethnic origin, Danish, French, German and Spanish.
Information:He hates coffee and while her character "Rory" on "Gilmore Girls" (2000) uses it daily, drinking Coca-Cola looks to coffee mugs.Received Maltese chihuahua mix dog named SophieHer modeling career ended when she was a photographer in the winter and cold water splashed in the face.She would be a role model for young girlsShe likes the film (The Sound of Music)His favorite bands are Radiohead, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World a.He attended St. Mark's Lutheran High School.My photography, writing, reading, watching movies and hanging with the family."That '70s Show" (1998) and "Ed" (2000), some of your favorite shows.He plays football team of women called Hustlers.I like to look at the World Equestrian Games, and especially freestyle / dance competition.Her favorite band Evanescence. 

Personal quote
[The fans recognized] "always happens in places where you would rather not be recognized. One day I was going to go to sleep, but I had this desire for a glass of milk. So I go to the supermarket, and I'm like without makeup and this couple comes to me and are like "Thursday night." shouting something over vegetable bin, and I said, "Well, do not look at me, I look awful. I am here celery. "
[About her "Gilmore Girls" (2000) audition] "It was very unexpected. I was nervous and I did not know what I do. It just happened to work out."
You hear all those great stories about children, from business and engage in their communities and politics, and foundations - all kinds of things. And it's so much easier for children to be motivated it. - On his belief that teens are motivated to effect change.
Last year I went to work at 05:30, and I ended up at the bus, which had a huge painting on my side. They were all over LA, but it was the first time I saw one. I do not know if it was because it was so early or what, but it scared me.[He spoke about his relationship with Milo Ventimiglia]: "It's your thing, and if you share things that are too personal with a magazine or with the public, it's something like that it's not really yours is already sharing information and it is a special you no longer. I do not like it. I think people with personalities who like to talk about what is happening in their lives, speaks, without actually knowing how it will come back and bite them, and generally it. and fortunately I "m kind of personality where I'm very private. I do not like to tell all my business. I'd much rather people wonder or not. "
"Well, I was 5 in the morning. I'm leaving my house to go to the set of" Gilmore Girls "(2000). I'm really tired and just when I go out, the bus slowly falls to the street side of my face it, as Rory Gilmore. I thought "Ewwww." It's so early. I just can not happen to me. "
"Before I came," Gilmore Girls "(2000), I was modeling, I went to call and was told:". Honey, you lose two centimeters hips. "I was 14 years. So I said:" I have more jobs than can be done. I was in high school. I can not go to all the problems from the loss of two inches, so I pass. "Someone might say, how to lose weight, but you can not say no."
Sometimes I feel that I am an old man trapped in the body of a young man. I am boring. I go to the movies. I've read. That's about it.
The success of the exhibition is stunning. It's like being in Alice's Mad Hatter Tea Party, because you never know what will happen next.
I was in school at New York University Tisch arts for a year and I loved it. There are lots of very creative people, is a continuous exchange of views. We talk about what has been done [in film] and all the rules for shooting movies, and then talk about how to break.
For some unknown reason, Bad Boys, you can, even if they are stupid.
When I was modeling as a teenager ... I just ignored it when people say I lose two centimeters hips. I had more jobs than I could take. So why would I still want more?
[On her character on Kate Logan (2010)] I've never played someone who had to be as tough as she that is a cop and that the way it is done. It comes from a competitive point, trying to prove herself. And this is the fundamental anger of his family life ... It is sensitive - perhaps too sensitive. To that must act tough.